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Écurie du Haut Languedoc - Foreigners welcome

Horse riding has a strong effect on the whole person.

The combination of horse movements and rider effort, generates an irreplaceable sensation of comfort. 

To us, Riders who ride for fun and relax are as important as those looking for personal improvement and competition.

We want to share with you our passion for horses and riding.

We will be honoured to greet you soon.

Let's invite you at Ecurie du Haut Languedoc

in the Parc naturel regional du Haut Languedoc.  The Centre équestre de La Salvetat is situated at the outskirt of a centennial forest, crossed by “Natura 2000” rivers, with four pure blue lakes nested in it. The mild climate is a perfect mix between Atlantic and Mediterranean influences giving the opportunity to ride all year long in optimum conditions. The Ecurie du Haut Languedoc is FFE approved (French federation of horse riding) and our riding school is proud of its happy and well trained horses and ponies. Our team is fully experienced and professional. Their main priorities are your enjoyment and safety with the achievement of your riding ambitions.

Ecurie du Haut Languedoc Livery system is the most flexible way and solution for those with time constraints who can’t exercise their horse on a daily basis. It is also valuable for retired horses. Every imaginable option (field, boxes, stable, exercising, veterinary, food …) can be considered to perfectly fit your requirements and budget. The easiest way is to call the Centre to have your wishes evaluated.

Our horses

Our professional experience shows that the key to successful riding education is the welfare of the horses. The comfort of horses and ponies is essential, because healthy horses are keen to work and easy to ride. We look attentively for kind and safe horses, naturally well-mannered.  Keeping them at the top of their physical and mental condition needs a great dedication from our team.  The stables are meticulously mucked out and each horse is given a clean and comfortable litter.

They also spend time outside to ensure they remain calm, happy and tidy. 

We love our horses and we are sure you will too! 


Our top priority is to ensure that all the horses in our care are fit and happy.  We make sure that they are exercised and schooled as required. We can take care for various aspects of their welfare such as catering for specific dietary needs, worming, shoeing and arranging for veterinary care. Our team is dedicated to offer support and advice, enabling you to fully enjoy the time you spend with your horse. The